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This bathroom has had a total transformation. Originally the bath was two different areas with doorways that connected both areas. There was a soffit that was above the sinks and another above the shower. The swinging door was replaced with a pocket door that allows for easier entry. The walls dividing the commode room from the bath area were removed along with the bidet and the cabinetry was wall hung. This provided an ADA approved 5’ turning radius for a wheel chair.

The shower was transformed from a dark, cave-like area where the homeowners had to step up over the curb and then down into the shower. We transformed this shower into a Certified Aging In Place (CAPS) approved shower. The shower floor was filled in and pitched to the drain so a Curbless entry improved access for the bathers. In the shower is a seat with a hand-held shower head next to it for easier bathing. The soffits were removed and the lighting improved for better visibility. In the tub area the window was replaced with glass block which follows the tile pattern from the walls. The tub was replaced with a therapeutic Jacuzzi whirlpool tub so the homeowners can really relax after a difficult game on the links.

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